October 2016 Tour to Cuba

Daniel Parkison / October Tour 2016


      Dee and Dan Parkison

My wife and I are experienced travelers for the last 30 years. We took the 15 day Cuba tour. This tour was absolutely the most fun we have ever had in our many travels. We had just 10 people in our group. Huge difference from being on the typical large-group tours. We all got to know each other….It was fun. The tour guide was fantastic, very knowledgeable, really funny, and he took care of everything. Our local house accommodations were great. Cuba is an amazing country. So glad we saw it now! (Before the Hilton, Marriott, Starbucks and McDonald’s got there…..)


Lelee-with-cigar-2e LaFollette / October 2016 Tour

Having traveled around the world several times; it is always exciting when you take a travel adventure that really sticks with you and this was certainly one of those times. Our group traveled down the cobblestone streets of Cuba and at the turn of every corner was something new to see. While other much larger groups take a similar type of tour; ours was special because it was customized for just a small group of ten individuals with very personalized service. I don’t know if we had great expectations of visiting a country where it is like stepping 100 years back in time. But, all and all, this tour was over the top in travel adventures with regards to places to see, people to meet, and food to enjoy. Yes, indeed, I am glad I had the opportunity to visit Cuba before the new era of construction brings the country back into the 21st Century and the atmosphere changes dramatically. VISIT CUBA NOW…


If you want a non-typical “adventurous” vacation, “Cuba for Adventure” is the trip for you. You will meet and interact with the Cuban people and enjoy all types of activities, from the tourist rides in the “fifties cars” in Havana to a hike to a towering waterfall in one of the parks. And then you get to swim in the waterfall’s plunge pool and explore the caves behind the waterfall. Your Cuban tour guide is very knowledgeable about Cuban history as well as local culture. And he also brings in local guides to various areas that can answer all your questions. Our guide even made arrangements so we could watch the news coverage on Election Night. Sue Gallagher in the U.S. makes all the arrangements on this end and went on the adventure with us. Come visit Cuba with an “adventurous spirit.” You won’t be disappointed.


Genny & Keith Butenshon / October 2016

We want to thank you again for coordinating our recent trip to Cuba! The cities we saw, the activities, the casa particulars – everything gave us an excellent overview of the country. We came away with a much better sense of the people and an understanding of their history. We appreciate the work you did with Oscar to make this a safe, fun and fascinating journey. It was incredible experience! (It will be interesting to see what the future holds, now that Fidel has passed.)

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