Havana Day 1-3

15 day stop 1

 Havana, Cuba


These are just some of the sites we will see in Havana


We will arrive in Cuba hopefully early in the day. Upon arrival you will be met by a taxi driver. 
Before meeting him please change some of your money into Cuban money (about a $100 per person) and get your health insurance a $100  Enjoy the ride to your Casa Particular, which is included, you will be very safe. These homes have been carefully checked out. They will be very clean and welcoming with a large breakfast each morning. They will ask for your passport, do not worry because they will give it right back to you. They have a report they have to fill out.

You have plenty of free time to look around Cuba. A lot of the sights you will be seeing again with our guide. Your welcome dinner will be late in the evening. Good idea to grab a snack.

The Havana Bus Tour is a regular open top bus service which tours the old and new areas of town. Bus stops are identified by the large red signage and are scattered throughout the town. One stop will be right downtown. It is a cheap and reliable service. You can jump on and off as much as you like in one day for 5 CUC.

You can sit in the sun or shade on the lower deck. The tour goes all the way to the Copacabana Hotel, Plaza de la Revolution, Old Havana and Havana Centro, the Museo de la Revolution and many other areas. There is an English speaking tour guide on board who tells you the historical sights via a microphone. Some times you may have trouble understand or hearing the guide on the bus. It is a hassle free tour of the Havana sights and a better deal than taxis.

You are very safe to walk around town and on the Malecón. The Malecón is a broad esplanade, roadway and seawall which stretches for 4 miles along the coast in Havana from the mouth of Havana Harbor, in Old Havana, along the north side of the Centro Habana neighborhood, ending in the Vedado neighborhood.

Enjoy looking at all the old cars or take a ride in a COCO. Remember when riding in a taxi or a Coco get a price before you take off. Take time to have a cup of coffee and a treat in one of the many downtown cafes. You will be able to get internet in the city park and in some hotels. Sadly it is not the best internet but may be better by the time we get there. You can also pick up some postcards and mail them to friends and family, sadly you will get home before they get them.

We will be visiting the Havana Rum Museum and Cigar Factory!

Havana City tour in classic cars:

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