Baracoa Day 10-11-12



These are just some of the sites we will see and do in Baracoa


Due to its geographic isolation, Baracoa, Cuba, is just beginning to be discovered by tourists. Those who venture to this remote northeastern corner of the island will discover an almost unspoiled colonial village surrounded by secluded beaches and virgin rainforest. On the horizon looms the most recognizable local landmark, a table-topped hill called El Yunque.

Barcoca Table top mountain


Cuchillas-toa it is advisable to hire a guide for trekking or hiking excursions in this reserve. Official government guides can be found at the Office of Natural Parks. However, local people are happy to act as guides and are often more affordable and entertaining. This common practice is technically illegal, so some discretion is advised, such as not handing over bills in public.

Pig Feed Outdoorpig feed on the beach.  boat ride websiteBoat ride and play in the water.


Río Toa Cuba’s widest river springs from the peaks of Guantánamo’s mountains, flows through tropical rainforest and meets the sea near Baracoa.

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